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Here is a listing of frequently asked questions on Montreal Italians.com

Q: Can only Italian owned companies advertise on Montreal Italians.com?

A: The site is not reserved strictly for Italian companies. If we see a real need for your company and services we will be glad to add your company to our directory

Q: How does a free listing on an Italian only web directory benefit my company?

A: Montreal has close to 200,000 Italians residing in the city alone, we encourage one another to promote and support each others businesses.

Remember it’s not only Italians visiting our site, tourists, consumers we all need access to Montreal’s vast variety of services.

Q: So, you’re saying only Italians visit Montreal Italians.com?

A: That’s the great part! Anyone can use the site, tourists, consumers, anyone! Anyone and everyone can benefit from this informative tool to find and search services and businesses in and around the Montreal area. Making this an inexpensive but yet powerful marketing tool for our clients.


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