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Since childhood I've always admired and found the Italian community fascinating and inspiring. How did thousands and thousands of Italian immigrants decide to suddenly leave their families behind, embark on an extremely long and unpredictable journey to a new-land, unable to speak the language, unable to communicate and with only pennies to their names.

Their persistence and determination for a better life paid off for so many Italian immigrants that decided to make Montreal their place of habitat. They managed to build, maintain and create a culture than other cities envy and have attempted to fabricate for so many years. Montreal Italians have built a wonderful life for themselves their children and every generation thereafter. These are the experiences that not only my parents and grandparents endured but hundreds of thousands of Montreal Italians and their families.

For years I have wanted to "give back" to the community that I have grown to love, be proud of and truly be honored to be a part of.


Finally the ability to view, locate, shop and support Italian business in Montreal is here! Montreal Italians.com is on it's 5th year devoting itself to the ever growing Montreal Italian community, it’s goal is simple. Promote and encourage Italian business in and around the Montreal area. We are the online community dedicated to the growth of Italian business in Montreal. With over 200,000 Italians most of whom are in Montreal, we now make up Quebec's largest ethnic community. This site is available to everyone who loves Italian culture and let’s face it what’s there not to love, the food is great, the clothes are beautiful and the people are some of the nicest and most courteous you will ever meet in a lifetime.

So help us achieve our goal and promote, encourage and shop Italian business in Montreal. Search our online directory and enjoy everything Montreal Italians have to offer.

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